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Information about miter cuts

Important information: Please note when ordering Miter cuts that no need for these custom-made cable ducts There is a right of withdrawal because we do this specifically according to your specifications manufacture. Production takes 2 - 3 days until delivery.

If you don't change anything in the selection menu, the ALUNOVO cable duct comes with a straight standard cut TOP and a straight standard cut BELOW. However, in order to change the direction on a wall by 90° degrees (e.g. from the TV downwards and then to the left or right), you need so-called 45° left and 45° right cuts. For example, to move around a wall projection, you need outside corner miter cuts; to move from wall to ceiling, for example, you need inside corner miter cuts. You can select these in the shop and combine them as you wish. If you require millimeter-precise cuts, order the next length offered and enter this in the appropriate field (millimetre-precise cuts). This entry must be made after selecting the miter, as the entry is deleted again when the miter is changed.

Mitre cut Alunovo cable duct

Measurement techniques:

- For both the inside corner and the outside corner, simply measure the wall dimensions. We calculate the mitres for this.

- For the 45° degree left/right cuts, please always measure towards the longest outside edge. If you measure with the middle, you must add half the cable duct width to the measurement for each miter; if you measure the shorter side, you must add the full cable duct width to the measurement.



Application examples< /p>

You can also ask us any questions by phone or email. You are welcome to send us a sketch of your project and we will calculate the required individual lengths and mitres for you!