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Use of cookies

So that you you can order in our online shop when you call up the details Pages set a so-called session cookie. This is what it is a small text file that is automatically sent after the browser session ends will be deleted from your computer again. This file is for exclusive use to be able to use certain applications, e.g. ours Shopping cart system.

About it In addition, the cookies contain information about the content of your website Shopping cart is saved, which can then be accessed on your next visits can be. When you register with us or place an order If you want to place an order, we need your customer data. If you already If you are a customer with us, you can easily contact us via email Register address and your personal password. The one in a cookie The stored data means you don’t have to fill out the forms. The Cookies generated have an expiry time of 14 days. You can in Your browser program also accepts cookies Manage the page and block it if necessary. Please note, however, that you will then not be able to use the aforementioned advantages.