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About us

ALUNOVO® cable duct manufactory

20 years of ALUNOVO

The ALUNOVO cable duct manufactory was founded exactly 20 years ago. The idea for the ALUNOVO Design cable duct came to market in October 2003 due to a lack of solutions. At the beginning of 2004, the first design cable duct had matured into a finished drawing. The aim of the development was to create a symbiosis of function and design. After around 4 months of development and tool making, we started selling online.
In the beginning there were only a few variants to choose from. Over the years, the product range and the customer base have grown significantly and thanks to large stocks we can deliver all cable channels and variants offered without delay, even in large quantities. Difficult or complex projects are not a problem for us.
Our design cable duct is not only interesting for private users to visually enhance their own home, but also for industry and for architects, hotels and clinics, banks and large scientific institutions Facilities, as the high-quality product properties can also cope well with difficult environments. Of course, this is only possible with top suppliers and strict quality standards for our suppliers. At the beginning of 2016 we purchased our own painting system and can therefore create significantly higher quality surfaces and, above all, respond more flexibly to customer requests.
Due to the space problems in the hall in Langenfeld, we moved to Kevelaer in 2018. Painting, assembly, processing and logistics of the products now take place in our 450m² hall, where we take great care of the final production using many special tools and also pack the goods safely for transport and get them on their way to the customer. Thanks to our many years of experience, you benefit from an extensive product range, sophisticated and high-quality products!